Embrace Art With E Style

Begins in 2015, Estyle Art Gallery is the first gallery with a unique combination of art exhibitions and art supplies store in Taiwan. Our partnership company, Style Art Store, aims at leading in art supplies worldwide and offering artists in Taiwan with variety to create their artworks. Estyle Art Gallery uses only the most exceptional, durable materials in order to fulfill our mission to eternally preserve and pass down the class art pieces.

Located on Shizheng Road, the center of Taichung City, we believe that art belongs to everyone. By conveying delightfulness and humor through artworks, we hope to bring the audience closer.

Art is a way to express the affections. Art can even enlighten ourselves from life. By curating exhibitions with an open-minded heart and supporting young talented artists, Estyle Art Gallery makes art a part of our existence. It is the goal we are devoting to achieve.

Our business concept is to promote contemporary art. Apart from discovering talented artists from all over the world, supporting and promoting the promising artists is our first priority. We build reputation of artists and ourselves by actively participating in international art exhibitions and regularly holding individual exhibitions. Estyle Art Gallery also invites authoritative experts and specialist to join our academic symposium, building the grand vision while sharpen the insight for art. Our great mission is to pass on the classic arts and conserve the artistic legacy of the era.

Our artists: Gao Xiao-Wu, Wang Da-Peng, Chen Zheng-Long, Hung Te-Chung, Chang Chieh-Ti, Liang-Yue, Yu Sheng-Ruei, Zhang-Hua, Chen Jin-Qing.



Opening Hours:Tuesday - Saturday 11:00 - 19:00Sunday 10:00 - 18:00Monday CloseService:estyle.art.tc@gmail.comTell:+886 4-2251-5611Address:No. 101, Shizheng Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407, Taiwan