Estyle Art Gallery|Gao Xiao Wu

Gao Xiaowu's "Rebirth" series is intended to raise up such questions as of how human beings should be by a gentle, sincere way to reveal hidden, non extreme and rational contemplation; as of how to make a development more healthy. It is aimed to express the artist's concern, criticism and rethinking towards the issues of a society today.

To call upon the rebirth of primitive nature is the core concept of Gao Xiaowu's "Rebirth" series. The series of his work depicts the subject matter of flying and water animals in the natural world as its image, by their poetic and tranquil motion and ways of exaggeration and metaphor to express a diversity and illusion of the natural world. In such a context, one is neither able to see the critical attitude through a direct visual expression, nor to evoke a sense of insecurity under pressure. Thus it is to call upon humans' dream and expectation towards the original nature by the beauty "Rebirth" series has illustrated.