Internet Celebrity-Liang Yue Solo Exhibition

The popularity of the network has opened up a new era. With the network signal, people broaden the horizons through the screen and bring the community closer. Shorten the distance between groups, yet create an invisible protection, people get to hide behind the screen when interact with strangers, concealing the real self and play roles that do not belong to their own.

So we are surrounded by the illusions, however the time of true test will come straight to your heart once the illusions are broken. People can get famous in a snap,
Anyone have the chance to instantly hold up to the top, somebody can be knocked off the pedestal in a second. To be fame or obscurity is a blink of an eye. When the light fades and the craze subsides, how the hearts take it in peace?

In "Internet Celebrity" solo exhibition, there are faces present in the artworks, each pair of eyes are told of different conditions. The picture created by Liang is beautiful, exquisite and delicate, but beneath the beauty is about hidden unreal truth. “Internet Celebrity " is you and me, representing everyone that wants to be seen. There is a desire to be noticed in our mind, but can you find your true self in the illusion of being wrapped up in order to cater to the vision?