Yu Sheng Ruei

1986 born in Taiwan

“Micro” realism artist Yu Sheng-Ruei, who graduated from National Taiwan Normal
University, began his “Collection Illuminating” in 2011. The related works are formed
to be the important contents for his master thesis, the following series had also won
him the "The Grand View Newcomer Award". Under the blessing, the art critics
sustain to observe a detailed and in-depth study of Yu Sheng-Ruei's creation.
Multi-criticisms focused on discussing the changes in Yu’s creative process, divided
by the symbol of image elements, the distribution of the composition, the concepts
of “reality” versus “realism”, “translating” versus “reinterpretation” showing the
diversity in Yu's works. Through the “Collection Illuminating” let us explore how
two-dimensional painting can express light, illuminate space, and symbolic concepts.
It can be described as a bold attempt to transform the sculpture into plane,
presenting an illusory where the true lies. Yu tries to take variety characters with the
connection of the light and shade to express the complicated life experience which
past and present intertwined in his own life. The map of the living links becomes a
self-painting image that speaks for the heart and responds to the outside world. Just
like the loop effect which metal and glass may produce.