Yang Yi-Syuan

1987 born in Taiwan

Take the life space as an element, realizing that the landscapes and architectures in his childhood memory are gradually fading away. After the metropolis, the shrinkage and semi-urbanization of rural has been interwoven
as a gray area. He uses realistic way to record the fading memories; however the landscape is only a reference to depict the object. Through the experience of the mural participation in the community, he re-presents the existing rural scenery by using his own aesthetic. Yang thinks about painting from a photographic point of view, trying to "reproduce" the way that belongs to his own memory between the past and the modern staggered rural style, and
integrate them as a system. To put together memories under what appears to be an ordinary landscape, he recreates the typical model of Taiwan's countryside, and to constantly ponder over the relationship between imagery and painting in its creation.